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Manufacture of all types of dresses and costumes for dancing or shows.

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Dance Sport Dresses

We offer a wide range of design services,
Execution and the choice of your clothes made to measure, with handmade designs in Spain.

Dresses and costumes available

You can find the dresses we have on sale in the "for sale"section, or visit the Clothing section to see the latest work we have done to get ideas for your design.

Get the dress you've always wanted.

Get the right dress for you through our complete design and tailoring services.

Call us: +34 93 024 78 36


About Us

The company Abraham Martinez was born in Spain in 1998 and since then has progressed due to its ingenuity and dedication.

Our costumes have grown to include television, theater, red carpet... being the icing on many events.

Today ABRAHAM MARTINEZ is part of dance fashion, based in Barcelona for more than 20 years and we have the support of great professionals and staff that make the brand a product with excellent quality.

Today ABRAHAMMARTINEZ is one of the leading brands in the dance sector, opening up also to the porter and haute couture.

We have an online ordering service, which offers a wide range of materials and accessories necessary for dancing, entertainment and events.

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